Do a Visual Acuity test
Visual acuity is the ability to discern the thinnest possible character with maximum contrast. The Visual Acuity test included in OdySight measures your visual acuity and can detect a change in how you perform on the test from one day to the next.

To do a Visual Acuity test:

  1. Open the app and use your password.
  2. Once in the app, click on the eye at the bottom right of the screen to display the list of visual tests.
  3. Click on the Visual Acuity test and choose the eye you want to test.
  4. If you wear glasses, put them on. Then follow the instructions to keep your head at the right distance from the screen.
  5. Hide your non-tested eye as shown in the app then click on Start test.
  6. Slide your finger in the direction of the letter “E”.

Once the test is done, the app will display your results and will alert you if there is a change in your test performance.
Demonstration of the Visual Acuity test
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