How can I close the app on an Android device?
When you open OdySight, the app is put in full screen. Follow these instructions to leave the full screen mode:
  1. Put your finger at the lowest side of your screen and slide it upwards. The triangle, round, and square buttons of your Android device will appear.
  2. Click on the square. The window of the app will reduce in size, and you will see your wallpaper as well as the other opened apps (if there are ones).

The method to close an app is not the same on all Android devices, but here is a list of possibilities to close OdySight:

  • Click on the cross on the right upper side of the OdySight window.
  • Click on the cross on the left upper side of the OdySight window.
  • Slide the OdySight window from left to right until it disappears.
  • Slide the OdySight window top down until it disappears.

When the window disappears, the app is closed.
One way to close OdySight on an Android device
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