What are the buttons below my puzzle?
During your adventure in OdySight, you earn the following bonuses:


From the third puzzle onwards, you can use the Reveal button, represented by glasses. It allows you to see the picture you have to reassemble with the puzzle for 5 seconds. You can use it every 5 moves, meaning each time you move 5 pieces you can enjoy the Reveal bonus.
"Reveal" allows you to see the picture you have to reassemble for 5 seconds

From the seventh puzzle onwards, you can use the Magnet button. It puts a random piece in its right place. It is available when you have correctly completed a whole column or line of pieces.
"Magnet" puts a random piece in the right place
The Hammer

You unlock the Hammer button at the second puzzle of the Desert of Gizeh, the land you access after completing the first 30 puzzles. The Hammer returns one or two pieces to their original spot(s) (it varies from one puzzle to another). It applies to pieces facing down, pieces pointing in the wrong direction, or pieces which changed color. You can use it after you put three pieces in a row in the right place.
"Hammer" puts one or two pieces back in their original spot(s)
The location of the bonuses on your screen

The bonuses appear at the bottom of your screen when you do a puzzle. When you earn Reveal, it appears at the bottom of your screen in the middle. When you earn Magnet, Reveal is on the left and Magnet on the right. Finally, when you have earned all buttons, Reveal is on the left, Magnet in the center, and Hammer on the right.

The gauge

Each button is a gauge: it is progressively filled with color and when it is completely colored, you can use it.

For the Hammer, if you place two pieces in the right place but you make a mistake on the third, the gauge resets. You must put three new pieces in the right place in a row to be able to use the bonus. However, when you use the Magnet, it is considered as a correct move and the Hammer Gauge is filled up.
The buttons are filled progressively. Once they are completely filled, you can use them.
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