The future of remote vision monitoring is here.
Please watch the training video below. This video is essential for understanding how OdySight works. It is therefore imperative that you view it before creating your account.
OdySight is a smartphone application available by prescription from a physician with accurate vision tests and fun puzzles for your patients. The OdySight app includes visual acuity and Amsler grid tests validated against current gold standard methods. A secure dashboard gives you access to your patients' test results in real time, allowing you to monitor relevant visual parameters between consultations.

OdySight® is a medical software intended for self-evaluation of the following visual parameters: near visual acuity and symptoms such as metamorphopsia and scotoma. The test results are transmitted to physician.

OdySight® doesn't interpret the test results and it is not intended to diagnose but rather to help patients determine if they need to consult a physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Indicated for adult patients aged 18 and over.
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