Lost password
Forgot your password and want to generate a new one? Follow these steps:

  • Open the OdySight application and click Enter.
  • On the password page, click "Forgot password? ".
  • A message will ask if you would like to receive a new keycode. Click “Yes”.
  • You will then receive an SMS and an email containing a new keycode. Use it in the app.
  • Choose a new password and click “Validate".
  • Confirm your new password by typing it again and check the "remember me" box if you don't want to type your password each time you open the app*, then click "Connection" to access OdySight.
You will then be able to start the OdySight journey exactly where you stopped it previously.

*The use of OdySight is strictly personal. We discourage you from using the remember me box on a device that is not your own.
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